Whisper of the heart

One of my favourite films at the moment is Whisper Of The Heart created by Studio Ghibli Collection. It’s such a cute film and has such a simple yet interesting story line ;

In a nut shell there is a young girl called shazuku and she is a avid reader and writer (much like myself!) one day whilst walking to school she sees a cat who is going the same way intrigued she follows and finds that he walks across the other side of town to tease a dog !!!

As a avid reader shazuku is always renting out books from the school library she finds that the books she is renting out have all been previously renter by a boy intrigued again she asks who he is and no one knows.
When she asks a teacher who has been there a long time she finds he is her enemy !!

A whole lotta stuff happen in the middle. In the end she finds the boy and starts to have a crush on him :0

Can’t tell you what happens in the end as there’d be no point in you watching it then!!

Hope you watch is a super cute film for all those that love anamie and Japanese stuff !!! 😀 xxx


New country new haircut

So I am of to Africa soon I can’t wait I’m going to kenya and will be blending in pretty well with all the animals in my new leopard print maxi dress !! Before I go though and have one of the best experiences of my life it’s time for a haircut .

I love pixies and think there super chick and easy to maintain so I decided (seeing though I’m in a foreign county ) id have one and no one will be able to see my if it looks terrible. At the moment I’m not sure what I feel and how what it’ll look like though I’ve opted for quite a short one so I hope it’ll look good though I do still have the worry that my face is big ! I have measured it and found off the internet that it is the “normal” size but I don’t know it just seems so long !! Technically I don’t have a oblong face it a heart shaped face but I’m still concerned !!

Cant post any of the pixie pictures I’m thinking of as it’s going to be a surprise !!! 😉 xxx

9th Jan coming of age day

Today is the 9th of january and for the Japanese this is the coming of age day . This year it is celebrated on the 9th however the date does change each year it is held on the second Monday in january. The day is to congratulate those which have reached the age of majority this being 20 years old as this is to help the Japanese realise they have become adults.

The day has thought of been celebrated as far back as 714AD when one of new prices was given a new robe and hairstyle to celebrate him turning into a adult now it is celebrated all over Japan. The ceremony is held in the morning and the adult becoming 20 are given small gifts as a recognition of there adult years beginning. Many ladies wear a furisode which is a type of kimono which has long draping sleeves maybe to show off there maturity. Men usually wear a less formal type of clothing such as smart trousers and a shirt.

20120109-061403 PM.jpg

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Kitchen yoshimoto Banana


I really liked the book kitchen and was a good book to read as my first Japanese novel , as it was quite small and the plot was easy to understand I have to say though the way in which the Banana writes the book was difficult for me to get at first as the style is so different to anything i have read before but once I got the style I really enjoyed it . I imminently felt sympathy to the character and could easily relate to her I also easily understood the plot and where the
story was going which was good.

The book was about a young lady who’s just become orphaned and she goes to live with a friend she also has issues with her boyfriend and eventually overcomes them and moves on to be happier xx

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Books, books,books

Hope you all had a great christmas I certainly did a bit of time of work is always good !! just thought I’d share some of the large amount of books I got these are all Japanese novels most written by Banana Yoshimoto have already finished ‘Kitchen’ and really enjoyed it although I have to be honest I did find the style of writing difficult to get at first as it’s so different to anything else I have read before.

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