Camera calling !!!

So I’m pretty excited as today 4 months after my birthday I’m going with my mom and stepdad to get a camera ready for Egypt i cant wait I’m such a history geek ill literally popping with excitement !!!

So here are some of the cameras im thinking of ;

20120929-122407 PM.jpg

20120929-122422 PM.jpg

20120929-122435 PM.jpg

20120929-122449 PM.jpg

20120929-122506 PM.jpg



I love this film inspired by Mary Nortons the borrowers its such a cute film. It follows the same storyline as the borrowers so a borrower makes friends with a human but even better its in anime and the characters are super cute !! Arrietty is adventurous and brave and beautiful. A good one to watch if your just getting into anime as the storyline is easy to follow 🙂

20120925-035122 PM.jpg