Japanese diet

So I have decided to do a Japanese lifestyle first meal

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Health and Sports day

Health and Sports day was first introduced in 1964 for the first olympics games in Japan and October was chose so that they would miss the rainy season, good idea!

Health and sports day was introduced to encourage more sports but also to be both mentally and physically healthy, schools and businesses also usually chose to use this day for there school or business sports day , so it really does involve everyone in the country. Schools and other business usually choose to do athletic type of games such as sprints ,long jumps ,three legged races and loads of others. The festival starts rather early at 8:30am OUCh ! however they include a lunch break and during this there may be some dancing to watch.

It all sounds super fun to me !


I love this film inspired by Mary Nortons the borrowers its such a cute film. It follows the same storyline as the borrowers so a borrower makes friends with a human but even better its in anime and the characters are super cute !! Arrietty is adventurous and brave and beautiful. A good one to watch if your just getting into anime as the storyline is easy to follow 🙂

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