Kimono- fashioning culture :D

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Next book in my very long list of books regarding Japan and Japanese stuff !! Currently on page pg 32 yet is fascinating and also a little heavy to read ! The author Liza Dalby sounds amazing she is the only westerner to have become a Geisha a bit of an accomplishment I think !!:) xxx

After having just finished this book i thought id have to update on what an amazingly interesting book this is , i could not put it down i took it to Spain with me and read it constantly it was informative although a little heavy i have to say but undoubtably interesting the history to the Kimono’s was amazing and the detail which was in the book really made you feel as though you were getting to know about Japan and how it would be to live there. The Kimono which I didn’t realize has a lot of history to it and is not as simple as just an item of clothing . The Kimono as I have read is the making of Japan and sums up the type of people the Japanese are – beautiful The item of clothing has changed a lot over the hundreds of year to accustom to the type of life in which the Japanese now live – although it is their native dress it is not wore everyday and i can see why as it is incredibly difficult to do anything in. Whilst reading there was a lot of reference to the next book which is on my list to read The Tale Of Genji which Im excited about 🙂 xx


Safari take 1

First day of Safari today ! We awoke early (4am) and got dressed in the dark and were packed up from the hotel luckily we didn’t need to share the mini bus with anyone ! It took about 5 hours to get to where the safari was but it’s been amazing so far and were only half way through. As we travelled the sandy roads eyes were darting everywhere to see animals. So far we have seen a leopard immerging between a sash of bushes and I had hysterics as a shout of Leopard filled the car , it was like a slow motion shout very good ! A baboon and some baby baboons lots of birds scattering around making pictures in the sky. The driver was driving crazily fast and we had to keep asking him to slow down, we now know we were going to miss lunch ! The hotel is beautiful and you can see wildlife from the balcony .I shared my lunch with Lizards and birds. Apparently there is a leopard who comes regularly to drink from the watering hole. It’ll be amazing to see him.
I’m so glad to already have seen loads of animals my mom was so happy when she saw some elephants ; some people on Safari said they hadn’t seen much but so far we’re doing well. I do however hope to see a Hyena as one couple said they had seen a pack. I’ve took so many photos already and am so pleased with my camera on my I-Phone although a few times it was nearly in the bushes ! The camera for a phone is amazing but I may have to do photo shop work just to un blur a few . We’ve just had dinner and have about an hour to relax before we’re out again. The safari wasn’t as scary as i thought it would be for some reason last night I was terrified but I think it was not knowing.
Back from dinner we saw the Leopard I was awoken mid nap by someone shouting Leopard down the corridor me being the idiot that I am thought it was like a warning shout as in he’s loose save yourself whilst you can kinda thing ! When a waiter knocked on my door and was like the Leopard is here miss come see , I claimed to have been asleep and not heard :/ I’m not sure how I think people England could have heard the shout ! I couldn’t really admit I was hiding so I would be eaten could I ?
I took some amazing photo’s (even if I do say so myself ) but the light wasn’t the best so may need to try and change that , off to bed now before another 5am rise for more animals.
Animals seen ; Leopard , elephants , lions ,birds, zebra’s , meerkats , giraffes .
Until tomorrow.

Last day of safari :(

Last day of safari today .We have just arrived at our hotel after a morning of safari well I say hotel lodges on stilts but there beautiful .It is like a small lighthouse with a bathroom , a double and a writing desk  (I love the desk ) The walls are white with dark wood and the furniture is red and black gorgeous .
The wind is really howling now along with the weird sounding animals noises I have no idea what it is. But it is beautiful here the best ! On safari today we saw loads of Zebras as usual some lions birds ,giraffes and a baby one ! A buffalo which was amazing to see after have studied History and the American west which is almost all about the Buffalo and how they used it to help them live .So I was super excited to see a actual Buffalo it looked like it wasn’t real at first as it was covered in mud and look almost like a sculpture. We also saw one which had been caught by the lions which was a little horrible to see but it’s just nature and they need to eat. Again we saw beautiful scenery and landscapes we stopped off at another hotel on the way here for lunch and had a lovely salad then carried on to the lodge.
Until later……..
We’re back and have seen loads of amazing animals including another baby elephant he was so gorgeous it was weird to think even though the elephant was tiny he would weight more than me ! It appeared that you could just grab him with one hand (I’d love to!)
As we sit eating (again!) we’re watching the elephants at the watering hole my baby is there . A tiny elephant who is just so cute needless to say he is featuring in my photo album. We saw a lot today ; Elephants ,jackals, lions, birds (a eagle) giraffe , and some little mice things. Today was more difficult than the other days it was hot and due to lack of sleep I was exhausted. It never seems to shock me how hot it is , the water never seems to last long enough and it’s always warm and salty which makes me want more ! And there are no toilets so I never want to drink too much !
We travel back tomorrow to our original hotel and out of the lighthouse like lodge . Currently I have 765 photo’s and 31 videos and have decided I need to get a better camera birthday maybe 😉 going back to the hotel will be so nice and maybe I can eventually sleep properly without the noises of slamming doors and elephants fighting though the fights are an amazing noise !
I can’t believe we have only one week left after tomorrow and we’ll be saying bye to Fred our tour guide He has been amazing and is so lovely and so happy (i now know he ripped us off and charged us loads of extra money !! :0 not so amazing) we will defiantly be recommending him ( we won’t !) I think business is hard for them though as there is such competition and you need to be known to get the jobs .
Another early morning tomorrow so off to bed.

Safari take 3

The third hotel is by far the best ,I look out of the window and can see elephants around the watering hole. Even now I can hear the moans and groans of 2 elephants who are staring each other out ! The view is beautiful and feels like a Safari should feel . So have just been to spy on the Elephants and there’s a freaking Baboon on the window it scared me to say the least ! Dinner was lovely as usual I had a gorgeous vegetable curry it had so much flavouring and potatoes and then some fruit for pudding  yum !
We saw loads of elephants today as usual but unlike before we saw both grey and brown elephants usual we only see brown ones. We also saw a Lion which was amazing he was so beautiful just wondering up the path as if no one in the world mattered. I took loads of photos he didn’t seem to be bothered about the cars around him taking photos. Again we saw a zebra there so beautiful and just kook like stripy horses the dust had coloured some of their white strips brown and so they had patches of brown and black opposed to white and black.

As well as elephants and other beautiful creatures we also saw a Hyena though I’m not sure you’d call them beautiful! They looked mean and angry yet fascinating at the same time .Again we for elephants at the watering hole but there weren’t any. The wind is so loud at the moment its whistling and howling I keep going to see what it is as it sounds so un like Africa and almost like animals although I did defiantly just hear a elephant – I think there’s another conflict going on. The sun was so hot today and almost un-enjoyable the speed we went at did give us a bit of air but not enough and it was still sticky . I had Bridget Jones hair when I emerged from the jeep !
We stay 2 nights at this hotel. Then we somehow loop back round to the original hotel which we started at. It’s so beautiful and I’m glad to be staying here 2 nights and not at the other hotel. Best of all the room is separate from anyone else’s. So I can sleep peacefully with no snoring ! Off to have an afternoon nap (which won’t just last a few hours!)
7:25 – and back to the hotel to have dinner after another few hours of Safari. We saw loads more animals lions ,elephants and also a lizard which was huge we even saw a pregnant elephant (Oww!) she looked beauty ! The lions were amazing and were all lying out of the sun . I took some beautiful photo’s of the scenery and I can’t wait to put them on my laptop. It was boiling today and I had to keep sitting down in the jeep. But still it was amazing !
We also saw beautiful sun images over the tree’s and the blue skies. As well as Mount Kilamonjaro which was as always utterly beautiful ! We have an early start again tomorrow as we’re finishing back by Savo East where we started we’re currently in Savo West. Then back to our original hotel for trips around the town and then chilling out which will be nice after such a few crazy few days !
Oh God I can’t sleep every noise every noise is freaking me out ! And I have just murdered a huge cockroach with my bottle of water super freaked out , I have to be up at 3am AKA in 2 hours  !

safari take 2

Have just arrived at the most beautiful place after another day of Safari .This is our hotel whilst on Safari for these 2 days , well I say hotel it’s actually a tent in a field . However it has 3 beds, marble floor a light up mirror, power shower and tables and chairs – hardly just a tent! As we walked to our new accommodation the path way was pebbled and was lined with plants and white flowers and sand. With purple and white butterflies circling the pathway. It’s like something from a dream.
We saw lots of animals today whilst on Safari tigers, birds, giraffes ,elephants , crocodiles ,tropical fish , hippo’s and a baby deer kind of thing I’m not sure of its technical name ! It was amazing especially to see the Hippo’s i didn’t even know they were in Africa .They were huge and when they opened there mouth looked as though they could eat you in one. But even though they looked scary they had a beautiful temperament (whilst we were there !) there were loads of birds as well including the most beautiful Eagle.
We also went across the Tanzanian border whilst searching for animals they were very strict and all had at least one gun – a little scary. But I think the most beautiful sight so far is Mount Kilimanjaro, I have always wanted to see this beautiful mountain . It was only in the distance but looked beautiful the mist was over the top and I have to say it was rather emotional !
The bang ,bump and bounce along the soil sanded paths made every movement felt and threw me from side to side in the jeep whilst swerving round bends and corners. The car seemed to take every scrape and swerve as though nothing was happening. A skidded stop at each animal and a bruised arm was present with every road.
I’m off to dinner in this beautiful place – Garlic and garlic with a bit of pasta .
Dinner was beautiful and even better being surrounded by the most beautiful scenery ever well we are everywhere we go in this site. Yet this is more like a dream land with coves of beauty I’m going to get some photo’s when my phone has eventually charged as the electricity was off when we arrived and it keeps cutting out !
Again whilst on Safari I was struck by how happy the people are despite the little which they have . We had ladies coming to the van to sell necklaces and other bits and pieces although they earn next to nothing they were all smiling. 


Early start today we went to a small village which was amazing Having studied history and the American west it amazed me to be able to see actual Tipi’s 🙂 . The ladies and men all were all dressed in traditional clothing and all had roles to play. The medicine man was so unique covered in jewellery and grinding leaves and spices. The ladies danced around and sang the same enchanting song but this time it was less lolling. They danced around and pulled us up at first I was a little scared I think it’s that I didn’t understand the language and so never knew what I was doing and I hate being watched !

We danced like skeletons and crazy animals moving and wobbling in ways id never seen before . They had no care or worry and danced like there was no tomorrow and they had no social awareness which was refreshing to know that their own happiness is all they needed in life along with each other. Each small village had a leader who would demonstrate what each tribe did so ;
There was a large area and which had lanes which lead to a new village which all had different names. In some villages they showed you how to use a bow and allow and in others how to grind corn which looked like stone in a huge bowl with a handle to turn in order to grind it. In others part they taught you to dance wobbling everywhere and shimmying and I have to say it felt enlightening to be dancing a singing a song which I had never heard before ,for once I had no fear of anyone watching me and I liked it maybe it is the freedom I have been looking for. We moved to another village and here they showed us the beds and how the man has a number of wives depending how much cattle the man has. It felt a little sad to think that the ladies in were in effect being sold for cattle They seemed to be no respect for them other than when they were pregnant or had a young child in which case they got to sleep in the best bed. Until the child was about 3. But even then it was so the men could avoid responsibility.

In one hut there was a large bottle which was very long and wide. It looked almost like a vase the man who was showing us around his house bought it to me to drink and I carefully asked what it was and a good job ! The tour guide explained that it was blood from the cow and the tribes drank it so that they would become strong like the cows. The first thing which came to mind was all the germs which there would be , but I wasn’t quite sure if our guide was always telling the truth . The man in the hut did offer it to me but I politely declined. One man from another hut took us to his ‘boat’ by boat I man a wooden raft which he stood amazingly still on whilst padding an oar. The raft wobbled and moved as I attempted to sail it and then ended up in the opposite direction .We got shown how to use a bow and arrow as well which I found impossibly difficult ; to hold the bow at the same time as shooting the arrow. Not something I shall be taking up !

Music was very popular with the tribes and they would sing and play as entertainment or to relax . The drums were simple and were made of animal skin with a small guitar that had string which you could pluck the noise was deep and dense it didn’t have the range which our guitars have. They then had wooden instruments which sounded hollow and made a sort of rain Forrest noise. It was beautiful 🙂

Dhow boat :)

We got up early this morning to go on a Dhow boat which from the picture is like an old wooden boat and looks something like out of the Pirates of the Caribbean. It was beautiful we all piled on and took a seat The boat was calmly sailing along the Indian Ocean its crystal shimmer enchanted me and I think everyone else on the boat. Although it was the second time which I had been on the Indian Ocean it never sizes to amaze me how beautiful and clear the water. The boat had snorkels on the deck and so I padded off into the sea attempting to breath with the snorkel it was hard ! The sea life was beautiful there were a few small tropical fish and some blow fish which were so beautiful and were so unbelievably cute there eyes were huge and they looked like something which you would see in Pokemon ! There ears looked like yellow petals off a flower and as if they had almost been glued on The skin was a mixture of light green and dark green patches with white lines which separated the two colors it was almost snake like looking! And of course there were loads of spikes on them there defiantly better than the usual gold fish ! Whilst on the indian ocean there was small wooden boat with an old man rowing it sailing by The scene looked like a picture you’d see in an art gallery. Calm and tranquil and he didn’t seem to see us tourists on our huge boat he was obviously used to them invading his stillness. He stepped in the middle of the boat and began fishing I guess for supper it was simple fishing no roads or maggots just a line.

Dinner was called after about 2 hours and we went to the tables They enriched us with beautiful salads ,meat and vegetables. There was so much food ! They even served us Crocodile which I tried a little of it was unbelievably tough and chewy ! Not one which i’d go for again but at least I can say I have tried it. We had been fed and watered and so it was back to our seats for more traveling Four men come out whistling and singing holding big drums and making music. Then they began to do acrobatics showing how they can balance on each other and dancing whilst a lady sang some sort of tribal song ,it was spookily enchanting and made me loll as if being hypnotized by her and her foreign language. The men were bouncing on each other and singing and shouting then dancing whilst she played the same low hum.

When we down for dinner tonight the entertainment was some more tribal dancers. Masimara tribals and they began by doing a long hum whilst circulating the tables. I have to be honest I was a little more than terrified I’m not sure why but there was something very eery and Hypnotizing about the songs and the dance. There was no singing only a mixture of humming and strange noises they continued to sing whilst dancing around the tables and then came a very high song from the ladies as the men were backing with a low humming and grunts couldn’t tell what the ladies were saying as it was in Swahili their native language They sang a few songs and one which was called the Lion Sing sung when going to hunt for the Lion which I found sad in a few as there such beautiful creatures but i know its just their culture. After singing and dancing they set up some stalls selling jewelry ,pictures and Ornaments . They were all so beautiful although the jewelry wasn’t to my taste as it was proper African jewelry ,Bracelets chockers and necklaces as I prefer more subtle things. MY mom got a beautiful wooden elephant and I got a picture of the warriors. At the end we were allowed to try on their stuff and have a photo with which I made myself do as I had chickened out with the dancing. They seemed pleased we got involved .

My Henna art from earlier on had dried and looked beautiful it was the Chinese sign for ‘Harmony,peace and love’ jet black and almost stamped on my hand . It was amazing how the ladies created in with the little paste which was put on threw some sort or instrument like a needle ,but it wasn’t. Then it set hard like soil and fell of and in it’s place was a beautiful piece of artwork.

We continued to sit on the boat and watch the dancers which were now balancing on each others heads which did make me wince a little . It was beautiful ,at the end of the trip we got off the boat and we driven back to our hotel in the mini bus to relax and have tea.

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