Whisper of the heart

One of my favourite films at the moment is Whisper Of The Heart created by Studio Ghibli Collection. It’s such a cute film and has such a simple yet interesting story line ;

In a nut shell there is a young girl called shazuku and she is a avid reader and writer (much like myself!) one day whilst walking to school she sees a cat who is going the same way intrigued she follows and finds that he walks across the other side of town to tease a dog !!!

As a avid reader shazuku is always renting out books from the school library she finds that the books she is renting out have all been previously renter by a boy intrigued again she asks who he is and no one knows.
When she asks a teacher who has been there a long time she finds he is her enemy !!

A whole lotta stuff happen in the middle. In the end she finds the boy and starts to have a crush on him :0

Can’t tell you what happens in the end as there’d be no point in you watching it then!!

Hope you watch is a super cute film for all those that love anamie and Japanese stuff !!! 😀 xxx


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