Black fish

I have recently watched a programme called black fish on Netflix not sure if you’ve seen it ?
Basically it is about a water park in Florida where they were keeping a killer whale which was being trained up and had to perform shows. Which if I am being honest I have always wanted to see especially at Disney world USA however after this documentary I am completely against them . This programme showed how they really treat the animals and how much pressure they are put under . The particular whale an ocre was meant to perform tricks and show off to the public however when this went wrong he ended up killing the trainer . Which is absolutely terrible however you have to ask yourself would this have happened if the animals had been in the wild , well no the whale wouldn’t have come looking to hurt a human . And in fact I seem to recall no attacks on humans from whales in the wild have ever been seen.

Free this animals allow them to live the life they were born to live . We wouldn’t do this to humans so why do it to animals because they can’t communicate to the species which has the power of the world .

What if it was the other way round what would you think then ??