Baking part 3

Im so chuffed with the cake i made not sure how it tastes yet but it looks beautiful !!

20120830-015052 PM.jpg

20120830-015057 PM.jpg

20120830-015102 PM.jpg

20120830-015114 PM.jpg

20120830-015119 PM.jpg

20120830-015124 PM.jpg

20120830-015128 PM.jpg

20120830-015133 PM.jpg

20120830-015136 PM.jpg

20120830-015143 PM.jpg

20120830-015149 PM.jpg

20120830-015153 PM.jpg

20120830-015157 PM.jpg

20120830-015201 PM.jpg

20120830-015205 PM.jpg

20120830-015209 PM.jpg

20120830-015213 PM.jpg

And for lunch

20120830-015230 PM.jpg


Lights , Camera, Action !!

For ages I have wanted a new camera and went looking at the weekend but there are so many ! And I’m not an amazing photographer (Yet!) So i really wasn’t sure where to start and which one to get ,also I found they are so expensive so the ones I did like I couldn’t really afford 😦 . So here’s my camera wish list ;