Ura Hara

Ura hara or sometimes as it is known urahara is an area which is located in harajuku after crossing the mejij dori the entire place after that is then called Ura Hara . One way to know whether you are in Ura Hara is by of the entrances which is marked by a graffiti wall which is on Cat Street this whole stretch is now Ura Hara.Ura-Hara literally translates to back gate or wrong side, as it is made up of the back alleys behind the more famous boutiques which are in Japan along that stretch. Ura-Hara fashion combines the graffiti which is seen in the area with a number of different bohemian styles. No Dead Artist, Junkyard and also Scare are the most popular artists which are in that area; this is what dominates the fashion industry in Harajuku.

Urahara has been regarded as being a mixture between Bohemian and modern fashion such as the 1980’s.UraHara is also closley related to cosplay ,it appears that in Japan it is possibile to adapt any of the fashions to be as you want them to be , although they have very specific fashion unlike in other countries , they can also add to fashions together such as ; urahara cosplay , this is a mixture of ura hara and then cosplay for those who like both fashions or want something a bit different.

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Harajuku fashion originated from the Japanese from the Japanese area called Harajuku which is a city in Shikoku , this is one of the least developed islands in japan amongst the 4 islands. Harajuku is a very broad term for the fashion which can be seen all over Japan , these as you already know include ; Kei , Lolita and also Cosplay this is a fashion which is using games such as manga to get there influences for there fashion.

Harajuku is the fashion capital for Japan and this is where you can see most of the famous fashions and also those which are not as popular such as Gyaru. Every Sunday young teenagers spend the day socialising in Harajuku this is a great place to see all the fashion which Japan has !!! Also on top of that many of the Japanese fashion designers have be found and made it from selling and promoting there ideas in the Harajuku area . Fruits which is a japans fashion book about the fashion fruits this is a street fashion has become very popular from Harajuku this was also then followed by the success of the book which was written by Shoicki Aoki (it’s such a awesome book I have it !!)

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Visual kei

Visual kei is the next japanese fashion which I shall be writing about ; its got it’s influences from bands mainly such as Luna sea which was one of the biggest visual kei bands ever. The fashion started from bands which was then followed by the people on the streets of Japan.

Dolly kei

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Dolly kei has been described as having a medieval kelt and Russian look about it , dolly kei it is one of the Japans newest fashions unlike classic Lolita which has been around for years . The best thing about this look is that it can work for any body shape whereas some other fashions such as Lolita don’t always flatter every figure .

Dolly kei gets its inspiration from story tales such as; red riding hood. The main way to get the style right is to have lots if vintage accessories , so that you look like a doll with petit jewellery and unique accessories .

Brothers grim has a huge influence on the dolly kei fashion ; so what is it well briefly they wrote fairy tales which had been collected from lots of different folk tales which had been passed down for years. They were said to have collected the tales from peasant (very poor people) however some believe that they actually got them from middle class or Aristocratic’s who were re talking the stories they had heard from there servants .

Finally in 1812 the brothers published there first book on all the tales called kinder-und Hausmarchen which means children and household tales in English.

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Fairy Kei

Fairy Kei is a new fashion and is seen lots in Japan by girls of all ages and is so easy to create , have a look at these pics , and then below i’ll tell you how to create it .

Fairy Kei is a adaptation of the original fashion Kei , Fairy Kei is very cute and uses colors such as light pink , light blue ,white and any other colors which you associate with fairy’s and things which are cute. It kind of reminds me of candy floss the colors are so light and happy (if its possible for colors to be happy :/)

So how do you do this look well ; The looks mainly uses pastel colours so look for light blues , light pinks and white , a bit like Sweet lolita , then again like any lolita fashion get a puffy skirt ,one that comes out and makes you take up the whole walkway (after all you deserve your own runway everyday is a catwalk ) then add some sort of 80’s twist this can be up to you which kind of twist you add either a scrunchies , shoes or a headband . Then add some leggings these should be easy to find 😉 Were talking white , or pink something light . Now time for styling the hair , anything which is cute and child like , such as a bow , or piggy tails.

Then last of all get your tunes on !! A bit of Cindy Lauper, Madonna or Blondie!!! 🙂


Kei means style , one of the most popular fashions in the kei subculture is visual kei which means visual style. This particular sub culture is difficult to do an introduction as there doesn’t seem to be any common factor between the different groups of Kei unlike in Lolita. From what I can see Kei is any visual way a person decides to express themselves. From what I can see the Japanese girls seem to see each type of kei as a different fashion unlike Lolita where they are all the same fashion but have different takes on it for example ; Classic and Gothic all have the same foundations with added accessories and colors to make them unique.

Kei is a visual way of expressing yourself and is seen mainly amongst the musicians in Japan , it is made by having very over dramatic hair and make up .Kei is thought to have related to a certain type of rock music although it is not sure which type. Visual kei started in the 1980’s and was influences by bands such as X-Japan , the label visual kei was created by one of slogans made by X-Japan “Psychedelic violence crime of visual shock” it was only in the 1990’s when visual kei started to become popular within the communities in Japan , this was mainly down to the success of the band X-Japan , as they became more well known so did the fashion amongst Japan.