Breakfast time !!!

20120530-072051 PM.jpg

The weird healthy breakfast i cooked this morning –

Toast (burnt 😦 )
Strawberry jam reduced sugar
And nuts :0 !!!


Water for elephants


After watching this film the other night curtousy of Love-film , I love this company HA get it 😉 !!! I have to say I was sobbing with tears I thought it was the most beautiful film which I have ever seen , not only did it show beautiful elephants and Robert Paterson (for those of you who like him — not me :/call me weird !!) It showed how beautiful these animals are and also how loyal they are . After having seen them in the wild and also having rode on them in Bali I have started an obsession with them , you may have seen earlier in my Safari posts the tiny baby elephants which was by our hotel , well he was the one who started it ! However back to the film , I love it , truly. I found that it capture me and moved quick enough to hold my attention but not too quick that I lost track of the plot and what was happening . I also liked how everything which happened in the film was relevant and wasn’t what I would call a time filler — to move from big event to another.

I think the film also showed some harsh truths on how people can treat the animals in circuses and also in other places where humans work with animals , I myself don’t agree with circuses or zoo’s ,it saddened me to see that people do actually treat they beautiful animals so cruelly and i can garuntee that if they had rode on one and seen them in the wild as they should be there wouldn’t even be able to consider being meanImage

My Elephant who sat outside my window when on Safari. xxxxx

What is love ?

So i have to admit i don’t really believe in love my reason is because you cant see it which i know is stupid but to be honest i don’t really understand what love is ? Like it comes in so many different forms how can you define it ! Have you ever seen a couple and thought how can they be in love all they do is argue yet maybe that is just there type of love which is different to yours who knows ? Love is weird like how do you know when you love someone like you instantly love you child but do you instantly love your partner? No it has been worked at , and this along with one of my other many reasons is why i don’t believe in it . I also think love is a bit over rated like everyone seems to think if your in love then your happy all the time which isn’t true is it ? Yet when your not happy people seem to think there is something wrong and not that this is just life !! I don’t think love exists maybe because i have never seen it but then is it something you have to believe in to see or you have to see it to believe in it ??? Who knows !! Xxx