Some fashions I didn’t include ;

Madame – this is a sub section of the fashion Lolitia and is very much like Classic Lolita ,this is more femanine however it is more influenced by the 19th century and the look is a lot more serious, you may also find frills at the bottom of the dress to make the clothes look more lady like than the usual clothes in Classic Lolita.

Erotic Aristocrat- this is very much like the fashion of Classic Lolita how the clothes are a lot more reveling and has lots of lace on them , This is meant to look sexier ,however not to the extent of some of the kei fashions.

Sweet aristocrat – is very much like sweet lolita in the sense that the follower shall wear pastel color and make the clothes look very feminine. Like with sweet lolita they may also have accessories such as ; my little pony and other childlike charms.

Dandy – this is not a fashion but a way in which a man may want to see himself as being perceived such as;they shall want to be seen as having a lot of money and being self made. They dandies done have any type of status as such however they feel they have a important for there being and feel they are very important and look after themselves before anyone else ! (sounds good!)



Kogal fashion in japan is like school uniform girls wear blue skirts shirts and knee high socks. However it is not a sexy kind of uniform more like a childish type of uniform with the white socks which have holes in them to make a pattern. The skirts are usually have shortened skirts than usual school uniform. The hair is usually died as well and the girls wear scarfs. These are usually personalised for each individual person.
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The fashion isnt as popular as it was in the 90’s though this could be due to newer fashions such as Lolita which are more interesting as they have not been around as long and so people may want to follow them more. The most common place to see this fashion is Harajuku and also shibuya which are districts in tokyo. A fashion for the kogal followers is to take many photos in photo booths (well what girl doesn’t like to see how hot they look !!?) some may say they are shallow however i my opinion you need to love yourself and see the good else who else is going to ???

Some people in japan see girls in school uniform with mobile phones and assume that they are very materialistic and money grabbing this is not the case for all kogal followers yes they may be some in the world that are like that but they would be like that whether they followed kogal or not. I think people are so quick to judge these days without really having any evidence of what there saying.

People following kogal also have there own type of language it is a lot like American in the sense that they refer to things as cool and men as dudes. It is like a young language which makes the kogal followers stand out from anyone else as they speak differently 🙂


Firstly Gyauru is the Japanese translation of girl. This fashion is a a very English like fashion in the sense that we too wear fake tan and fake nails. The name originated from the 70’s brand of jeans called ‘Gal’ which was then advertised with the slogan I can’t live without men !

Hmm not sure I agree I sometimes can’t live with men !! 😉

The fashion was very popular in the 80’s but then since has seen a decline this may be due to the new fashions such as kei and Lolita. Although it has Declined there has been a mix of a fashion called kogyaru which is a mixture between kogal and Gyauru.

However this fashion is still alive and even today groups such as nago-cir (meaning comfort circle) and I’ve-cir (meaning event circle) meet and take part in dancing and showing the fashion off.

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The word Bōsōzoku is usually used when talking about motor cyclists gangs which populate Japan. The gangs change and modified the motor bikes so that they make more noise etc when being driven. This is illegal in Japan. The followers of Bōsōzoku often also take part in illegal events such as ; driving dangously fast and weaving in and out of traffic , which could cause very serious accidents. These The common look for those who are following Bōsōzoku style is to have overalls such as the ones manual workers would have these are usual quite dark colors such as brown and black. As this would have been the colors seen most by the workers which worked in the fields. Another part of the fashion is to also have a military jacket so jackets look like martial art jackets with the labels on one hand side and very wide trousers .The jackets are mainly worn open with nothing on underneath :0 !! with matching baggy trousers a tall boots.

The followers of this fashion wear a item of clothing called Tokkō-fuku when translated to English this means a special attack uniform . AS you can see the followers of this fashion seem pretty hard core!! These jackets are usually designed with the group logo’s or names.