The best tea pot ive ever seen

Think you kettle cool well not as good as these there so cute!! My dad first saw then in Lincoln but I’m sure you can get them from other places !! Have a look on the internet i saw loads of lovely ones. There quite expensive starting from £50 but you can get cheaper ones on Ebay.

I just think there so Japanese looking , you knew id love them !! And almost medivel looking 🙂 xxx

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20120621-075758 PM.jpg


N.P By Banana yoshimoto

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This is a really nice book to read as its all little stories about life and how people live there life. There are only 3 stories in this books so not too many !! There also not too in depth or long just the right length for you to be able to understand them 🙂

Happy reading xx

S.J.Watson Before i sleep

If you like thriller and books which at the end make you think , well what would i have done ?? You’ll love this by E.J.Watson . The plot is of a young lady who has got a very unique form of amnesia , whereby she loose her
Memory every time she sleeps( a little like in 50 first dates!!) however when she starts to keep a diary she realises that she can trust no one even the people trying to help her. The books twists and turns constantly making you think OMG !!!

Happy reading !!:) xxx

My next read – The Tale Of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu

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The tale of Genji is one of the most famous books in Japan kinda like our Shakespeare (i think ) it tells the tale (do you like that tale of Genji tells the tale 😉 ) of court life in medieval Japan Genji is the prince and has a very passionate nature and loving . Mainly it tells you of the types of clothes wore in Japan in that era which is why Liza Dalby refers
to it so much in her books such as Kimono fashioning culture.

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