Just a quick cat update

Still no sign of Ti hopefully he is living with a loving family and is happy , though this has taught me something when love is true you want the person or in my case ,cat to be happy whether it is with you or without you !! Love ya Ti think about you everyday 


My new favorite film !!


the most beautiful film i have seen in a long time and what makes the film so amazing is that isn’t not trying to be too complicated ,its not trying to shock and wow us every other second its just as it is. The acting is realistic and you can see that all the actors have a strong character behind them , such as Sam – my fav cus I love Emma Watson and I also think this film gives her the chance to show how much she has grown up and developed in acting and in the person she is since harry potter, and who knew she could sing so sexily :0 Logan is amazing as a actor and I as a audience really j with him and could believe the feelings in which he felt a defiant must see !!!

The smiths



So I have a new obsession- along with Mango , the Smiths , aren’t they the most amazing group ever , and morrisey , could listen to his voice all day , so I have to admit I didnt really know much about the Smiths before watching The Perks Of Being A Wallflower , my new fav film !!! I had heard reference to the Smith in 500 days of summer where Summer states she loves the smiths and then begins to sing a few lines of what I now know is asleep – the most beautiful song in the world. The lyrics are amazing and touch every part of me and I can honestly say i think I go into a trance when I listen to Asleep , not a good song to drive to ! -though Im a rubbish driver anyway ! But the songs arent trying to be too complicated and have a honesty which i think everyone can understand and a sense of vulnerability which makes the songs even more amazing ,so before I go to sleep – I’m having morrisey to -sing me to sleep = and I dont want to wake up in the morning 😉 xxx