Yo sushi

20120204-040028 PM.jpg

20120204-040035 PM.jpg

20120204-040042 PM.jpg

20120204-040049 PM.jpg

20120204-040056 PM.jpg

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20120204-040119 PM.jpg

20120204-040124 PM.jpg

20120204-040130 PM.jpg

20120204-040138 PM.jpg

20120204-040142 PM.jpg

The food we ate ;

Drink – rice wine hakushika ginjo nama sake
Green and pink pudding – Mochi figs in a soft dough coating
Vegetable gyoza
Chicken cracker rice
Chicken Katsu curry
Chocolate Mochi

the green and pink pudding was yum and had a weird dough texture !! Xx


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