New country new haircut

So I am of to Africa soon I can’t wait I’m going to kenya and will be blending in pretty well with all the animals in my new leopard print maxi dress !! Before I go though and have one of the best experiences of my life it’s time for a haircut .

I love pixies and think there super chick and easy to maintain so I decided (seeing though I’m in a foreign county ) id have one and no one will be able to see my if it looks terrible. At the moment I’m not sure what I feel and how what it’ll look like though I’ve opted for quite a short one so I hope it’ll look good though I do still have the worry that my face is big ! I have measured it and found off the internet that it is the “normal” size but I don’t know it just seems so long !! Technically I don’t have a oblong face it a heart shaped face but I’m still concerned !!

Cant post any of the pixie pictures I’m thinking of as it’s going to be a surprise !!! 😉 xxx


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