9th Jan coming of age day

Today is the 9th of january and for the Japanese this is the coming of age day . This year it is celebrated on the 9th however the date does change each year it is held on the second Monday in january. The day is to congratulate those which have reached the age of majority this being 20 years old as this is to help the Japanese realise they have become adults.

The day has thought of been celebrated as far back as 714AD when one of new prices was given a new robe and hairstyle to celebrate him turning into a adult now it is celebrated all over Japan. The ceremony is held in the morning and the adult becoming 20 are given small gifts as a recognition of there adult years beginning. Many ladies wear a furisode which is a type of kimono which has long draping sleeves maybe to show off there maturity. Men usually wear a less formal type of clothing such as smart trousers and a shirt.

20120109-061403 PM.jpg

20120109-061407 PM.jpg

20120109-061411 PM.jpg

20120109-061415 PM.jpg

20120109-061419 PM.jpg

20120109-061423 PM.jpg


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