Japanese Fashion and more !!!

I’ve always been really interested in Japanese fashion since I can remember ; I think it was the film ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ by Rob Marshall such an interesting film !!! I was so amazed at how unique the ladies looked and at the same time utterly beautiful I’d never seen a look like that before. However it wasn’t until recently I began to become more interested in the different aspects of Japanese fashion. As I’ve grown older I’ve grown more interested in fashion I think it’s just one of the ways of finding who I am and what I like. Fashion has become a big part of my life collecting Vogue and finding styles which suit me and look unique . I may wear a really simple outfit but I like to add my own touch to it. So I decided I wanted to find out more about different cultures fashions. So I chose Japan because I love there culture and think it’s such a beautiful country and they also have a wide spread of unique fashions.

So after hours if research I’ve found that the main fashion amongst the Japanese ladies is a fashion called Lolitia and Kei added to this you can have fairy , pink or visual . But I’ll explain more about this when I do a individual post on each . I really love how the outfits tell a story and each one is so unique to the person themselves and what they like. I think people should be more honest and forward about what they like and what you wear is such a good way of showing this.

I hope you have as much fun learning about Japanese fashion as i did !! Xx

Snapshots !!-


5 thoughts on “Japanese Fashion and more !!!

      1. So sorry yh it is ( reading and texting defiantly don’t mix in my case ) i love fashion and the way it can change the way feel and perceive people !!

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