The smiths



So I have a new obsession- along with Mango , the Smiths , aren’t they the most amazing group ever , and morrisey , could listen to his voice all day , so I have to admit I didnt really know much about the Smiths before watching The Perks Of Being A Wallflower , my new fav film !!! I had heard reference to the Smith in 500 days of summer where Summer states she loves the smiths and then begins to sing a few lines of what I now know is asleep – the most beautiful song in the world. The lyrics are amazing and touch every part of me and I can honestly say i think I go into a trance when I listen to Asleep , not a good song to drive to ! -though Im a rubbish driver anyway ! But the songs arent trying to be too complicated and have a honesty which i think everyone can understand and a sense of vulnerability which makes the songs even more amazing ,so before I go to sleep – I’m having morrisey to -sing me to sleep = and I dont want to wake up in the morning 😉 xxx


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