A lost cat and a lost part of me

A few weeks ago I lost my cat – and no he didn’t die , I was taking him to the vets and he bite me and escaped from the cage – lesson never stick you fingers through the gaps. At first my body was frozen and I was unable to move I saw him run away and my mind was screaming move !!! But I was unable when I did eventually part from the ground, he had hid under the bushes and then ran away. Although I chased him he’s disappeared I knocked doors and the vet even came to help me look for him ,which was lovely , – though I am very sad and annoyed at myself. But as the weeks have gone by I’ve started question what is home to cats. And other animals .
I thought that although Ti was a cat and a free animals as it were , he still was loyal to me ,but obviously not.

I suppose what this has taught me is that no one really has a home , a home is what you make it and I saw Ti as thinking my house was home but its not there anymore so hopefully he has found a new loving home, yes ill be honest at first I didn’t want him to live with someone else because he’s mine and I want him back – but isn’t that selfish , but shouldn’t we be selfish at times ,after all animals are they don’t stop to think how there owners may feel , I know Ti didn’t 😦 . So I then began to ask myself how many times in the day are we selfish ,well never really, has anyone ever said let’s do something e.g. Going for a meal and you just can’t be bothered !! But you agree ,don’t you ,after some discussion because the other person makes you feel guilty ,and makes you feel as though you are being selfish. Which is a tricky subject because technically no one can make you feel ,anything, – but they can cant they ??

Can people make you feel something such a guilt which you didn’t feel before, I know I’ve been made to feel guilty by people ,but is that just my lack of confidence or is it just human to feel guilt. However isn’t that just a interject – that when you do this ……. You should feel guilty. So are we all born with the feel of guilt or is it taught us as we get older and ‘more responsible’

I don’t know you tell me ………..

20130422-104544 AM.jpg


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