London fashion week

20130212-025707 PM.jpg

20130212-025711 PM.jpg

20130212-025715 PM.jpg

20130212-025719 PM.jpg

20130212-025723 PM.jpg

20130212-025728 PM.jpg

20130212-025732 PM.jpg

20130212-025738 PM.jpg

20130212-025742 PM.jpg

I think everyone is always jealous of London fashion week I know I am , I love seeing the new designers clothes and seeing how they have been put together ,they never seem to amaze me at how unique and different each outfit is . There is also always so much excitement before a fashion show even if your not back stage and defiantly in the audience !! Having been to the clothes show I know the type of excitement which is there and that’s only the clothes show let alone something like London fashion week or Milan !!! I hope you all like the photos as much as I did and do and if your lucky enough to go to the London fashion week I hope you have a great time !!!


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