Just a quick update

Just a quick update as to what’s been happening in the world of Gemma, since Christmas I have been writer a lot and have started to edit my first novel I have written ,Ive also had a poem published in poetry review which I was super pleased and proud about !! The novel I am writing however is the biggest accomplishment it means a lot to me ,and I’m working so hard on making the book perfect and after having listened to a lecture on publishing I really hope this help. Writing is the only thing which makes sense to me and makes me happy it defines my life and also makes my life. Writing allows me to be the person maybe I can’t be myself and it allow me to explore the world that maybe I have got the confidence to do as myself. Writing makes sense to me as maybe ,painting ,singing or sports may do to you ,it calms me when I think there are no answers to been seen or heard. Writing is and always will be the only way of existence for me .


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