Lake by Banana Yoshimoto

So it’s about 2:30am England time and I cant sleep partly cus I’m creeped out by everything in this house tonight but partly because I’m reading the most amazing book ever which I cant put down to even think about sleeping !! 

It’s called Lake and is a Japanese book -part of my Japanese novel reading quest which I seem to have undertaken , I have to say this is a truly beautiful book and has really touched me and unlike some of the other books which Yoshimoto has wrote I found the language easy to understand as always the plot is so engrossing .

The book is about a Lake and the people which live around the lake they are isolated from the modern world and when a young lady notices a man staring out of the window opposite her they become friends after a long time of only communicating via looks . The man Nakajima then introduces her to this lake where some of his family live and begins to open up to her about his unique past and how this had shaped him as a person. The lady , then meets with the people who live by this lake and gets to understand this man , in a way she never thought she would.

A truly amazing read ,beautifully written and something you’ll never forget, as well as having a beautiful front cover ! Image


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