Things that annoy me !!!

So i think we can safely say everyone has things which drive them INSANE !!! for some it may be little things like people not saying thank you or for others bigger things like people swearing but we all have things which curl out insides and grind our teeth so to start it off heres my list of things which annoys me !!! –

1.People eating loudly
2. People chewing with their mouth open
3. Queues of any length anywhere !!
4. Things which have no order
5. Things in the wrong place
6. People walking slowly when your in a rush
7. People oblivious to the fact there in the way/ walking unnaturally slowly
8. People not finishing there sentence
9. People constantly saying ‘wasn’t it good when … Oh yh you were there ‘ thanks !
10. People fidgeting !!
11. When your in boots and in a rush and they wont stop going on about points on your advantage card – you’ve lied and said you don’t have one as you don’t have time for them to put the points on , then they try and sell you one so you ‘remember’ you have one and then they tell you all the things you can get your your point !!! #idontcare
12. When you cant get those items as you don’t have enough points
13. When you have to explain something in sooo much detail you loose the point of what you were saying
14. When other people do this
15. People asking if 5p bags cost 5p no we just call them that !!! of course they do !!
16.people who blame innocent fish for there deaths and wont help them !! There fish for gods sake!!
17. People at work asking where things are they havent moved from the last time you were here !!

Sorry if this is anyway annoys you !!!


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