Time for tea

tea parties

There are 6 different types of common teas such as black green yellow and white.

Although no one knows where tea actually originated from the first records come from China in the 10th century. It was already popular in Quin dynasty which was in the year 3BC however it became more popular in the tang dynasty when it spread to Japan and Korea. And in the 19th century it spread to Western countries such as England. Catherine of Braganza who was king charles the 2nd wife introduce tea to england in 1660 but it wasn’t until the 19th century that it was drank as widely.

In pakistani tea is the first thing which shall be ordered when having guests at ones house this is because it is a form of welcoming . Both black and green teas are popular and are known locally as Sabz chai. In the kasmire region of pakistan they serve a tea called noon chai which is pink tea.

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Many tea’s you can either hot or cold such as iced tea with lemon this a refreshing drink which is served cold!! Cranberry apple zinger is also another which you can drink cold.

The Chinese believe that the empire Shen Nung who was also a herbal therapist was the founder of tea. The story goes that he was boiling water and a near by shrub dropped some leaves which then fell in this then supposedly created tea. He believed it was vital to be alert and awake and so began to drink this tea and get others to do so to!

The Japanese then use this tale in order to have the Japanese tea ceremony. The Kitcha- yokoki was the first book which was wrote on tea. In this book the writer stated the preparation and drinking called Lu Yu.


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