Tea ceremony

20120514-110330 AM.jpg

The Tea ceremony is also known as way of tea this is a ceremony which which involves the preparation of tea and also the presentation of it the tea is known as Matcha a powdered green tea ( i have a image on this on my mount fuji post is yummy !!) sencha can also be used which is a tea leaf however this is a lot less common.

The tea ceremony is known as chakai this is a social gathering where the par takers shall drink tea together and there may also be some form of light snacks provided.

This first began when the Buddhist monk echui came back from china. In china they drink a lot of tea firstly for medical reasons and then just for pleasure. In the 12 century a type of tea called tencha was introduced to Japan this is where hot water and matcha are added to a bowl it is the whisked and poured.

A Ryurei ceremony is usually held for a large number of people where the host sits at the top of a special table and the guests sits at another table.
There is a number of different equipment which is needed to be used such as ;

Chakin a small cloth to wipe the tea bowl
Tea bowl to drink the tea from
Tea paddy where the powdered tea is placed
Tea scoop to get tea from the caddy usually made from wood
Hishaku tea ladle
Futaoki tea pot lid rest
Furo tea pot
Kensui a small pot
Chasen a small whisk


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