What is beauty ?

Is beauty not in the eye of the beholder and and not in the eye of the viewer ?
Is beauty not seen by different people in different people for all different types of reasons ?
The beautiful thing about beauty I think is that it can be anything , what can be beautiful to one person cannot be beautiful to another.
Beauty can be anything or anyone and what is most beautiful is that it can never change ;beauty is not something like fashion or films there isn’t a change in what beauty is , it is as always beautiful for its own reasons which no matter what is happening in the world it is not effected by it. Beauty is what keeps the world going I think we can all appreciate beauty whether we ourselves feel that it is beautiful or not.

And how can you decide what is beautiful , how can you a human have the right to say that is not beautiful when maybe it is just that you cannot see its beauty as you the viewer cannot see what the other persons sees as beautiful , the most beautiful thing about beauty I feel is when a person sees it in someone. Like a man when the only thing he considers beautiful is his wife , or girlfriend or a mother and her baby – no one else in that world exists at the moment when she first sees her beautiful baby. Beauty has been spoke about for years and discussed as to what is beautiful , in fashion clothes can be classed as beautiful like Channel and the Little Black Dress, which has been famous for its beauty and its simplicity all over the world . Simplicity can be beautiful as well , like a flower such as a Lilly or a Rose.

one of the most beautiful things which i have ever seen was a baby elephant when on Safari in Kenya , this was just silencing he was small yet would have weighed so much ! Cuddled between his mom and another female I assume it was breath taking much like seeing the Lions sleeping in the sun. Talking of cats here’s my beautiful dog Millie

Beauty it seems can be found anywhere and if you look hard enough will be everywhere , have you ever been having the WORSE DAY EVER !! And looked up to the sky and seen a beautiful tree and felt almost like everything had been put right ,like the weight of your shoulders had gone ? I know I have. Or seen a photo which has been so beautiful it has captured you at once and you have stood for what seemed like hours staring into the picture , unable to move or do anything but look at the photo – hypnotized by it. Beauty as fashion has changed over the years and what one may call beautiful now was not called beautiful years ago , and in years to come what we now class as beautiful shall not be classed as beautiful in years to come.

Beauty is as always indescribable ,unimaginable and most certainly unplanned.


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