What is happiness ??

What is happiness ?
A hot chocolate on a cold day
A walk in a beautiful park
A new bag
A best friend and a good family
Being the best or feeling the best
A holiday away from civilisation
Or being with lots of people
Seeing happiness

And being a part of happiness

20120416-024707 PM.jpg

Happiness is whatever makes you happy how many times have you seen someone and thought how can they be happy , well maybe they just don’t have the same needs for happiness as you do. Happiness is weird and can’t be described it can be different for all people and the amount and type of happiness can change depending on who your with , is it right to say that you are not happy with someone because they don’t make you feel the same happiness as another person does. If a partner makes you happy but not ecstatically happy then do they make you sad. No there are just different levels of happiness which you can feel . Happiness can change as you get older as well you can need something when your young which maybe as you get older you realize you no longer need – it doesn’t mean your suddenly unhappy just that your needs of happiness and what makes you happy have changed.No.

Happiness as always can only be measure by you and I hope you are all as happy as you can be.


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