Kimono- fashioning culture :D

20120228-120839 PM.jpg

Next book in my very long list of books regarding Japan and Japanese stuff !! Currently on page pg 32 yet is fascinating and also a little heavy to read ! The author Liza Dalby sounds amazing she is the only westerner to have become a Geisha a bit of an accomplishment I think !!:) xxx

After having just finished this book i thought id have to update on what an amazingly interesting book this is , i could not put it down i took it to Spain with me and read it constantly it was informative although a little heavy i have to say but undoubtably interesting the history to the Kimono’s was amazing and the detail which was in the book really made you feel as though you were getting to know about Japan and how it would be to live there. The Kimono which I didn’t realize has a lot of history to it and is not as simple as just an item of clothing . The Kimono as I have read is the making of Japan and sums up the type of people the Japanese are – beautiful The item of clothing has changed a lot over the hundreds of year to accustom to the type of life in which the Japanese now live – although it is their native dress it is not wore everyday and i can see why as it is incredibly difficult to do anything in. Whilst reading there was a lot of reference to the next book which is on my list to read The Tale Of Genji which Im excited about 🙂 xx


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