Early start today we went to a small village which was amazing Having studied history and the American west it amazed me to be able to see actual Tipi’s 🙂 . The ladies and men all were all dressed in traditional clothing and all had roles to play. The medicine man was so unique covered in jewellery and grinding leaves and spices. The ladies danced around and sang the same enchanting song but this time it was less lolling. They danced around and pulled us up at first I was a little scared I think it’s that I didn’t understand the language and so never knew what I was doing and I hate being watched !

We danced like skeletons and crazy animals moving and wobbling in ways id never seen before . They had no care or worry and danced like there was no tomorrow and they had no social awareness which was refreshing to know that their own happiness is all they needed in life along with each other. Each small village had a leader who would demonstrate what each tribe did so ;
There was a large area and which had lanes which lead to a new village which all had different names. In some villages they showed you how to use a bow and allow and in others how to grind corn which looked like stone in a huge bowl with a handle to turn in order to grind it. In others part they taught you to dance wobbling everywhere and shimmying and I have to say it felt enlightening to be dancing a singing a song which I had never heard before ,for once I had no fear of anyone watching me and I liked it maybe it is the freedom I have been looking for. We moved to another village and here they showed us the beds and how the man has a number of wives depending how much cattle the man has. It felt a little sad to think that the ladies in were in effect being sold for cattle They seemed to be no respect for them other than when they were pregnant or had a young child in which case they got to sleep in the best bed. Until the child was about 3. But even then it was so the men could avoid responsibility.

In one hut there was a large bottle which was very long and wide. It looked almost like a vase the man who was showing us around his house bought it to me to drink and I carefully asked what it was and a good job ! The tour guide explained that it was blood from the cow and the tribes drank it so that they would become strong like the cows. The first thing which came to mind was all the germs which there would be , but I wasn’t quite sure if our guide was always telling the truth . The man in the hut did offer it to me but I politely declined. One man from another hut took us to his ‘boat’ by boat I man a wooden raft which he stood amazingly still on whilst padding an oar. The raft wobbled and moved as I attempted to sail it and then ended up in the opposite direction .We got shown how to use a bow and arrow as well which I found impossibly difficult ; to hold the bow at the same time as shooting the arrow. Not something I shall be taking up !

Music was very popular with the tribes and they would sing and play as entertainment or to relax . The drums were simple and were made of animal skin with a small guitar that had string which you could pluck the noise was deep and dense it didn’t have the range which our guitars have. They then had wooden instruments which sounded hollow and made a sort of rain Forrest noise. It was beautiful 🙂


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