Safari take 3

The third hotel is by far the best ,I look out of the window and can see elephants around the watering hole. Even now I can hear the moans and groans of 2 elephants who are staring each other out ! The view is beautiful and feels like a Safari should feel . So have just been to spy on the Elephants and there’s a freaking Baboon on the window it scared me to say the least ! Dinner was lovely as usual I had a gorgeous vegetable curry it had so much flavouring and potatoes and then some fruit for pudding  yum !
We saw loads of elephants today as usual but unlike before we saw both grey and brown elephants usual we only see brown ones. We also saw a Lion which was amazing he was so beautiful just wondering up the path as if no one in the world mattered. I took loads of photos he didn’t seem to be bothered about the cars around him taking photos. Again we saw a zebra there so beautiful and just kook like stripy horses the dust had coloured some of their white strips brown and so they had patches of brown and black opposed to white and black.

As well as elephants and other beautiful creatures we also saw a Hyena though I’m not sure you’d call them beautiful! They looked mean and angry yet fascinating at the same time .Again we for elephants at the watering hole but there weren’t any. The wind is so loud at the moment its whistling and howling I keep going to see what it is as it sounds so un like Africa and almost like animals although I did defiantly just hear a elephant – I think there’s another conflict going on. The sun was so hot today and almost un-enjoyable the speed we went at did give us a bit of air but not enough and it was still sticky . I had Bridget Jones hair when I emerged from the jeep !
We stay 2 nights at this hotel. Then we somehow loop back round to the original hotel which we started at. It’s so beautiful and I’m glad to be staying here 2 nights and not at the other hotel. Best of all the room is separate from anyone else’s. So I can sleep peacefully with no snoring ! Off to have an afternoon nap (which won’t just last a few hours!)
7:25 – and back to the hotel to have dinner after another few hours of Safari. We saw loads more animals lions ,elephants and also a lizard which was huge we even saw a pregnant elephant (Oww!) she looked beauty ! The lions were amazing and were all lying out of the sun . I took some beautiful photo’s of the scenery and I can’t wait to put them on my laptop. It was boiling today and I had to keep sitting down in the jeep. But still it was amazing !
We also saw beautiful sun images over the tree’s and the blue skies. As well as Mount Kilamonjaro which was as always utterly beautiful ! We have an early start again tomorrow as we’re finishing back by Savo East where we started we’re currently in Savo West. Then back to our original hotel for trips around the town and then chilling out which will be nice after such a few crazy few days !
Oh God I can’t sleep every noise every noise is freaking me out ! And I have just murdered a huge cockroach with my bottle of water super freaked out , I have to be up at 3am AKA in 2 hours  !


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