safari take 2

Have just arrived at the most beautiful place after another day of Safari .This is our hotel whilst on Safari for these 2 days , well I say hotel it’s actually a tent in a field . However it has 3 beds, marble floor a light up mirror, power shower and tables and chairs – hardly just a tent! As we walked to our new accommodation the path way was pebbled and was lined with plants and white flowers and sand. With purple and white butterflies circling the pathway. It’s like something from a dream.
We saw lots of animals today whilst on Safari tigers, birds, giraffes ,elephants , crocodiles ,tropical fish , hippo’s and a baby deer kind of thing I’m not sure of its technical name ! It was amazing especially to see the Hippo’s i didn’t even know they were in Africa .They were huge and when they opened there mouth looked as though they could eat you in one. But even though they looked scary they had a beautiful temperament (whilst we were there !) there were loads of birds as well including the most beautiful Eagle.
We also went across the Tanzanian border whilst searching for animals they were very strict and all had at least one gun – a little scary. But I think the most beautiful sight so far is Mount Kilimanjaro, I have always wanted to see this beautiful mountain . It was only in the distance but looked beautiful the mist was over the top and I have to say it was rather emotional !
The bang ,bump and bounce along the soil sanded paths made every movement felt and threw me from side to side in the jeep whilst swerving round bends and corners. The car seemed to take every scrape and swerve as though nothing was happening. A skidded stop at each animal and a bruised arm was present with every road.
I’m off to dinner in this beautiful place – Garlic and garlic with a bit of pasta .
Dinner was beautiful and even better being surrounded by the most beautiful scenery ever well we are everywhere we go in this site. Yet this is more like a dream land with coves of beauty I’m going to get some photo’s when my phone has eventually charged as the electricity was off when we arrived and it keeps cutting out !
Again whilst on Safari I was struck by how happy the people are despite the little which they have . We had ladies coming to the van to sell necklaces and other bits and pieces although they earn next to nothing they were all smiling. 


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