Safari take 1

First day of Safari today ! We awoke early (4am) and got dressed in the dark and were packed up from the hotel luckily we didn’t need to share the mini bus with anyone ! It took about 5 hours to get to where the safari was but it’s been amazing so far and were only half way through. As we travelled the sandy roads eyes were darting everywhere to see animals. So far we have seen a leopard immerging between a sash of bushes and I had hysterics as a shout of Leopard filled the car , it was like a slow motion shout very good ! A baboon and some baby baboons lots of birds scattering around making pictures in the sky. The driver was driving crazily fast and we had to keep asking him to slow down, we now know we were going to miss lunch ! The hotel is beautiful and you can see wildlife from the balcony .I shared my lunch with Lizards and birds. Apparently there is a leopard who comes regularly to drink from the watering hole. It’ll be amazing to see him.
I’m so glad to already have seen loads of animals my mom was so happy when she saw some elephants ; some people on Safari said they hadn’t seen much but so far we’re doing well. I do however hope to see a Hyena as one couple said they had seen a pack. I’ve took so many photos already and am so pleased with my camera on my I-Phone although a few times it was nearly in the bushes ! The camera for a phone is amazing but I may have to do photo shop work just to un blur a few . We’ve just had dinner and have about an hour to relax before we’re out again. The safari wasn’t as scary as i thought it would be for some reason last night I was terrified but I think it was not knowing.
Back from dinner we saw the Leopard I was awoken mid nap by someone shouting Leopard down the corridor me being the idiot that I am thought it was like a warning shout as in he’s loose save yourself whilst you can kinda thing ! When a waiter knocked on my door and was like the Leopard is here miss come see , I claimed to have been asleep and not heard :/ I’m not sure how I think people England could have heard the shout ! I couldn’t really admit I was hiding so I would be eaten could I ?
I took some amazing photo’s (even if I do say so myself ) but the light wasn’t the best so may need to try and change that , off to bed now before another 5am rise for more animals.
Animals seen ; Leopard , elephants , lions ,birds, zebra’s , meerkats , giraffes .
Until tomorrow.


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