Last day of safari :(

Last day of safari today .We have just arrived at our hotel after a morning of safari well I say hotel lodges on stilts but there beautiful .It is like a small lighthouse with a bathroom , a double and a writing desk  (I love the desk ) The walls are white with dark wood and the furniture is red and black gorgeous .
The wind is really howling now along with the weird sounding animals noises I have no idea what it is. But it is beautiful here the best ! On safari today we saw loads of Zebras as usual some lions birds ,giraffes and a baby one ! A buffalo which was amazing to see after have studied History and the American west which is almost all about the Buffalo and how they used it to help them live .So I was super excited to see a actual Buffalo it looked like it wasn’t real at first as it was covered in mud and look almost like a sculpture. We also saw one which had been caught by the lions which was a little horrible to see but it’s just nature and they need to eat. Again we saw beautiful scenery and landscapes we stopped off at another hotel on the way here for lunch and had a lovely salad then carried on to the lodge.
Until later……..
We’re back and have seen loads of amazing animals including another baby elephant he was so gorgeous it was weird to think even though the elephant was tiny he would weight more than me ! It appeared that you could just grab him with one hand (I’d love to!)
As we sit eating (again!) we’re watching the elephants at the watering hole my baby is there . A tiny elephant who is just so cute needless to say he is featuring in my photo album. We saw a lot today ; Elephants ,jackals, lions, birds (a eagle) giraffe , and some little mice things. Today was more difficult than the other days it was hot and due to lack of sleep I was exhausted. It never seems to shock me how hot it is , the water never seems to last long enough and it’s always warm and salty which makes me want more ! And there are no toilets so I never want to drink too much !
We travel back tomorrow to our original hotel and out of the lighthouse like lodge . Currently I have 765 photo’s and 31 videos and have decided I need to get a better camera birthday maybe 😉 going back to the hotel will be so nice and maybe I can eventually sleep properly without the noises of slamming doors and elephants fighting though the fights are an amazing noise !
I can’t believe we have only one week left after tomorrow and we’ll be saying bye to Fred our tour guide He has been amazing and is so lovely and so happy (i now know he ripped us off and charged us loads of extra money !! :0 not so amazing) we will defiantly be recommending him ( we won’t !) I think business is hard for them though as there is such competition and you need to be known to get the jobs .
Another early morning tomorrow so off to bed.


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