Dhow boat :)

We got up early this morning to go on a Dhow boat which from the picture is like an old wooden boat and looks something like out of the Pirates of the Caribbean. It was beautiful we all piled on and took a seat The boat was calmly sailing along the Indian Ocean its crystal shimmer enchanted me and I think everyone else on the boat. Although it was the second time which I had been on the Indian Ocean it never sizes to amaze me how beautiful and clear the water. The boat had snorkels on the deck and so I padded off into the sea attempting to breath with the snorkel it was hard ! The sea life was beautiful there were a few small tropical fish and some blow fish which were so beautiful and were so unbelievably cute there eyes were huge and they looked like something which you would see in Pokemon ! There ears looked like yellow petals off a flower and as if they had almost been glued on The skin was a mixture of light green and dark green patches with white lines which separated the two colors it was almost snake like looking! And of course there were loads of spikes on them there defiantly better than the usual gold fish ! Whilst on the indian ocean there was small wooden boat with an old man rowing it sailing by The scene looked like a picture you’d see in an art gallery. Calm and tranquil and he didn’t seem to see us tourists on our huge boat he was obviously used to them invading his stillness. He stepped in the middle of the boat and began fishing I guess for supper it was simple fishing no roads or maggots just a line.

Dinner was called after about 2 hours and we went to the tables They enriched us with beautiful salads ,meat and vegetables. There was so much food ! They even served us Crocodile which I tried a little of it was unbelievably tough and chewy ! Not one which i’d go for again but at least I can say I have tried it. We had been fed and watered and so it was back to our seats for more traveling Four men come out whistling and singing holding big drums and making music. Then they began to do acrobatics showing how they can balance on each other and dancing whilst a lady sang some sort of tribal song ,it was spookily enchanting and made me loll as if being hypnotized by her and her foreign language. The men were bouncing on each other and singing and shouting then dancing whilst she played the same low hum.

When we down for dinner tonight the entertainment was some more tribal dancers. Masimara tribals and they began by doing a long hum whilst circulating the tables. I have to be honest I was a little more than terrified I’m not sure why but there was something very eery and Hypnotizing about the songs and the dance. There was no singing only a mixture of humming and strange noises they continued to sing whilst dancing around the tables and then came a very high song from the ladies as the men were backing with a low humming and grunts couldn’t tell what the ladies were saying as it was in Swahili their native language They sang a few songs and one which was called the Lion Sing sung when going to hunt for the Lion which I found sad in a few as there such beautiful creatures but i know its just their culture. After singing and dancing they set up some stalls selling jewelry ,pictures and Ornaments . They were all so beautiful although the jewelry wasn’t to my taste as it was proper African jewelry ,Bracelets chockers and necklaces as I prefer more subtle things. MY mom got a beautiful wooden elephant and I got a picture of the warriors. At the end we were allowed to try on their stuff and have a photo with which I made myself do as I had chickened out with the dancing. They seemed pleased we got involved .

My Henna art from earlier on had dried and looked beautiful it was the Chinese sign for ‘Harmony,peace and love’ jet black and almost stamped on my hand . It was amazing how the ladies created in with the little paste which was put on threw some sort or instrument like a needle ,but it wasn’t. Then it set hard like soil and fell of and in it’s place was a beautiful piece of artwork.

We continued to sit on the boat and watch the dancers which were now balancing on each others heads which did make me wince a little . It was beautiful ,at the end of the trip we got off the boat and we driven back to our hotel in the mini bus to relax and have tea.

20120226-070524 PM.jpg20120226-070604 PM.jpg20120226-070822 PM.jpg20120226-070854 PM.jpg20120226-070938 PM.jpg


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