Stepping into Kanyan Land ..

The poverty struck me as we bundled up and down the dirted soiled road . The children were playing with nothing but soil and the ladies in cheap cotton dresses with babies attached to the hip. The sight was overwhelming and made me cry a little it was like nothing I had seen before I would like to say im well-travelled but this was different it me harder.

The man driving the mini bus spoke of his children and their school I find it disgraceful that the children in africa have to pay for their schooling his were luck enough to go .I just think that education should be free what better gift than learning it opens so many doors for you which are solidly closed for those who cannot afford it until the government system changes.

The landscape was amazing and I couldn’t stop taking photographs and filming everything in sight it was like any other sight i had seen before. The mud houses were miraculously and perfectly formed out of any mud and other material which they had to hand. It sort of made me sad to think that these people shall never have a proper house which has heating and proper beds but then I suppose the terrible truth is that they don’t know anything else which sounds terrible but its true. Which left me to wonder whether it is better to be naïve and not know what else is out there or to know and not be able to Imminently help. What also shocked me when walking round the shopping areas was the amount of security which there was . We were bodily checked before and after going into the shopping centre imagine visiting you local Tesco’s and being checked and approached by a man with a gun- but it is a Completely different country to ours.

The people are some of the friendliest which I have ever met and will do anything to help you and make you enjoy your trip but there is still begging and you can tell they want what you have as their eyes follow you around . But I didn’t feel threatened at all somehow . The money is quite difficult to work out when you first arrive but from what I understand £10.00 is 100,000 kenyan shillings. I think but don’t count me on it :/

The holiday sounds amazing days of safari and visiting villages ; one of my goals is to teach in a village in Africa to help educate the children and adults for that matter. As you you travel along the dust roads ,ladies at the side of the road with their stalls selling Mangos and a few tourist shops .It was crazy to see ladies selling Mangos at the side of the road but I suppose it’s just their job .There are a few food stalls where we’re staying Nairobi , Mombasa . The shops are also completely different to ours mainly with the check outs before paying you need to show Id for some Kenyans like our tour guide they have a points card which I assume saves them money you swipe this through before paying. There is also lots of fresh meat hanging up in the shops and loads of fruit which is so much better than ours.

The bus we travel is small,hot and stuffy. The air doesn’t circulate well and the windows are like shutters so they are difficult to open and so you end up getting really hot and there never seems to be enough water. Our tour guide is really nice and we have talked about his family and the schooling and of course english football !!

I’ve just heard the weirdest noise , I’m off to investigate our hotel is really noisy and we have loads of wild animals lerking around :/. I can’t see anything !!

The schooling is also similar to ours in the sense that they get holidays for occasions such as Christmas and other religious festivals. But their summer is a lot longer than ours as they get 3 Months as it is a lot hotter than our country and so they can’t really do much ! Then they come back when the weather is cooler ,they are at school at the moment as it is the rainy season. As we explained to our tour guide it is always the rainy season in England !! XX


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