Popular culture in Japan

Here’s just a short summary of the Japanese culture in Japan I have copied it from a book called A Geek In Japan if you want more details like images get the books it’s great !!!

1947 – osamu Tezuka publishes his first manga
1949- Hirabi misora begins her professional artistic life
1950-1989- success of the Enka music genre
1950- rashomon by Akira Kurosawa
1952- first edition of Atroboy by osamu Tezuka
1953- the NHK televison channel starts broadcasting
1954- seven samurai by Akira Kurosawa
1954- Godzilla
1955-1980- Jidaigeki tv series and movies
1963- Astroboy Anime on tv
1965-1975 astroboy generation
1968- beginning of Ashita no joe
1969- first film of the saga Otoko Wa Tsurai Yo
1969- the drifters begins
1970-1985- tokusatsu tv series and movies
1970- first stories of Doraemon
1970- beginning of the publication of Lone wolf and cub
1973- first season of Kamen rider
1975-1985 – Gundam/mazinger (tranzor Z) generation
1975- present – Beginning and evolution of J-Rock
1976- First year of the comiket is held
1979- Beginning of the Anime mobile suit gundam
1980- Kagemusha by Akira Kurosawa
1981-present Heyday of j-pop
1981- Captain Tsubasa
1982- Waratte litomo variety show hosted by Tamori
1983- Captain Tsubasa Anime
1980- Seiko matsuda becomes famous
1980-present – Oretachi hyomkin zoku variety show hosted by Akashiya Sanma and Takeshi Kitano
1984- Dragon ball manga
1985-1995- dragon ball generation
1985- present otaku movement
1985- present Japanese Anime and movies become international
1987-2005 heyday of visual kei
1988- premiere and international success of animated feature film Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo
1989- “kawa no negare no Yo ” by Hibari Misora
1986- dragon ball Anime
1987- beginning of the serialisation of Ranma
1988- beginning of publication of ah! My goddess
1990-2005 heyday for Kogal Fashion
1990- present spread of cosplay
1992- beginning of sailor moon
1994- Shonen Jump sells more than 6 million copies in one week
1995- first Album by Ayumi Hamasaki
1995-200 pokemon generation
1995- neon genesis evangelion and ghost in the shell
1997- pokemon Anime
1997- beginning of the manga One Piece
1998- Premiere of Ring in Japan
1998- First album by Hikaru Utada
1998- beginning of Vagabond and love Hina
1999- beginning of the manga Nartuo
2000-present- Naruto generation
2000- Takeshi kitano’s battle royale
2002- Fuyu no sonata arrives in Japan from Korea
2002- first album by Kumi Koda
2003- Ghibil’s spirited away wins a Oscar
2003- “Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana” by SMAP
2005- Densha otoko phenomenon feature film, dorama, Anime, manga and book
2006- premiere of Gedo Senki film by Hayao Miyazaki’s son
2007- Kumi Koda the selling J-pop star
2008-premiere of hollywood movie based on Dragan Ball Z


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