Cupcake craze !!

20111209-115233 AM.jpg

20111209-115240 AM.jpg

20111209-115246 AM.jpg

20111209-115252 AM.jpg

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20111209-115432 AM.jpg

As I walked into the room the smell was gorgeous there was 5 of us so it was really nice small group so we could get one to one help. The cakes had been pre baked and were sitting waiting for us the ladies( who were lovely I met them earlier on in the year at a vintage fair !) had got all different designs laid out which we could use they showed us first how to ice the cakes which was a bit difficult as you need to lean over the cakes so it isn’t wonkey !!

Once we’d iced all our cakes or left some in iced were shown the flat icing which isn’t made out of butter cream unlike the others we rolled it out like dough quite thick so it would stick to the cake then used cutters to shape it into a circle . Then we used a little baking glue and stuck them on. 🙂

First half done !!

The second half was so much more fun we were showed again how to do the designed and how to colour the icing then we got to work on cutting out christmas trees and reindeers and whatever else you wanted. Then again applied a little baking glue and stuck the designs on the cupcakes.

The ladies were lovely I was worried they would be very particular about the appearance of the cakes and it would end up being like a baking class at school but luckily it was nothing like it . Halfway through we even got free chocolates (made by them) and a cup of tea/coffee. The cake boxes we free and we had a choice of 2 designs cupcakes (obviously) or a plain red one . Most people had a mixture of both.

The night was so much fun and we got cakes 🙂 the only downside I found was that we couldn’t freeze them they were going to finish of my Xmas shopping !!! So back to them shops I go !!! Xxx


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