All good things come to an end

I have have had the most fun researching Japanese fashion I never thought for one moment when I started this there would be so Manu different fashions around. Some I don’t quite get but there still cool and others I just love ;yes I’m talking about you gothic lolitia!! I love how individual the looks are and how much fun the japanese have with there clothes because getting dressed should be fun and feel like your on a catwalk 🙂 I defiantly want to travel to Japan to see these fashions live and close up ( I sound like I’m talking about a safari ha !)

I love how the looks aren’t just I’ll throw on some clothes and see what happens there planned and the girls whether you agree with the looks or not put time and effort into them which is the best thing. They in there own way have such dignity and want to look good 🙂

hope you’ve enjoyed as well !! Xxx


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