Some fashions I didn’t include ;

Madame – this is a sub section of the fashion Lolitia and is very much like Classic Lolita ,this is more femanine however it is more influenced by the 19th century and the look is a lot more serious, you may also find frills at the bottom of the dress to make the clothes look more lady like than the usual clothes in Classic Lolita.

Erotic Aristocrat- this is very much like the fashion of Classic Lolita how the clothes are a lot more reveling and has lots of lace on them , This is meant to look sexier ,however not to the extent of some of the kei fashions.

Sweet aristocrat – is very much like sweet lolita in the sense that the follower shall wear pastel color and make the clothes look very feminine. Like with sweet lolita they may also have accessories such as ; my little pony and other childlike charms.

Dandy – this is not a fashion but a way in which a man may want to see himself as being perceived such as;they shall want to be seen as having a lot of money and being self made. They dandies done have any type of status as such however they feel they have a important for there being and feel they are very important and look after themselves before anyone else ! (sounds good!)


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