Kogal fashion in japan is like school uniform girls wear blue skirts shirts and knee high socks. However it is not a sexy kind of uniform more like a childish type of uniform with the white socks which have holes in them to make a pattern. The skirts are usually have shortened skirts than usual school uniform. The hair is usually died as well and the girls wear scarfs. These are usually personalised for each individual person.
20111122-012331 PM.jpg

20111122-012335 PM.jpg

20111122-012339 PM.jpg

20111122-012345 PM.jpg

The fashion isnt as popular as it was in the 90’s though this could be due to newer fashions such as Lolita which are more interesting as they have not been around as long and so people may want to follow them more. The most common place to see this fashion is Harajuku and also shibuya which are districts in tokyo. A fashion for the kogal followers is to take many photos in photo booths (well what girl doesn’t like to see how hot they look !!?) some may say they are shallow however i my opinion you need to love yourself and see the good else who else is going to ???

Some people in japan see girls in school uniform with mobile phones and assume that they are very materialistic and money grabbing this is not the case for all kogal followers yes they may be some in the world that are like that but they would be like that whether they followed kogal or not. I think people are so quick to judge these days without really having any evidence of what there saying.

People following kogal also have there own type of language it is a lot like American in the sense that they refer to things as cool and men as dudes. It is like a young language which makes the kogal followers stand out from anyone else as they speak differently 🙂


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