Firstly Gyauru is the Japanese translation of girl. This fashion is a a very English like fashion in the sense that we too wear fake tan and fake nails. The name originated from the 70’s brand of jeans called ‘Gal’ which was then advertised with the slogan I can’t live without men !

Hmm not sure I agree I sometimes can’t live with men !! 😉

The fashion was very popular in the 80’s but then since has seen a decline this may be due to the new fashions such as kei and Lolita. Although it has Declined there has been a mix of a fashion called kogyaru which is a mixture between kogal and Gyauru.

However this fashion is still alive and even today groups such as nago-cir (meaning comfort circle) and I’ve-cir (meaning event circle) meet and take part in dancing and showing the fashion off.

20111114-124002 PM.jpg

20111114-124018 PM.jpg

20111114-124022 PM.jpg

20111114-124027 PM.jpg

20111114-124031 PM.jpg

20111114-124037 PM.jpg

20111114-124041 PM.jpg


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