The word Bōsōzoku is usually used when talking about motor cyclists gangs which populate Japan. The gangs change and modified the motor bikes so that they make more noise etc when being driven. This is illegal in Japan. The followers of Bōsōzoku often also take part in illegal events such as ; driving dangously fast and weaving in and out of traffic , which could cause very serious accidents. These The common look for those who are following Bōsōzoku style is to have overalls such as the ones manual workers would have these are usual quite dark colors such as brown and black. As this would have been the colors seen most by the workers which worked in the fields. Another part of the fashion is to also have a military jacket so jackets look like martial art jackets with the labels on one hand side and very wide trousers .The jackets are mainly worn open with nothing on underneath :0 !! with matching baggy trousers a tall boots.

The followers of this fashion wear a item of clothing called Tokkō-fuku when translated to English this means a special attack uniform . AS you can see the followers of this fashion seem pretty hard core!! These jackets are usually designed with the group logo’s or names.


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