Ura Hara

Ura hara or sometimes as it is known urahara is an area which is located in harajuku after crossing the mejij dori the entire place after that is then called Ura Hara . One way to know whether you are in Ura Hara is by of the entrances which is marked by a graffiti wall which is on Cat Street this whole stretch is now Ura Hara.Ura-Hara literally translates to back gate or wrong side, as it is made up of the back alleys behind the more famous boutiques which are in Japan along that stretch. Ura-Hara fashion combines the graffiti which is seen in the area with a number of different bohemian styles. No Dead Artist, Junkyard and also Scare are the most popular artists which are in that area; this is what dominates the fashion industry in Harajuku.

Urahara has been regarded as being a mixture between Bohemian and modern fashion such as the 1980’s.UraHara is also closley related to cosplay ,it appears that in Japan it is possibile to adapt any of the fashions to be as you want them to be , although they have very specific fashion unlike in other countries , they can also add to fashions together such as ; urahara cosplay , this is a mixture of ura hara and then cosplay for those who like both fashions or want something a bit different.

20111114-122248 PM.jpg

20111114-122339 PM.jpg


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