Harajuku fashion originated from the Japanese from the Japanese area called Harajuku which is a city in Shikoku , this is one of the least developed islands in japan amongst the 4 islands. Harajuku is a very broad term for the fashion which can be seen all over Japan , these as you already know include ; Kei , Lolita and also Cosplay this is a fashion which is using games such as manga to get there influences for there fashion.

Harajuku is the fashion capital for Japan and this is where you can see most of the famous fashions and also those which are not as popular such as Gyaru. Every Sunday young teenagers spend the day socialising in Harajuku this is a great place to see all the fashion which Japan has !!! Also on top of that many of the Japanese fashion designers have be found and made it from selling and promoting there ideas in the Harajuku area . Fruits which is a japans fashion book about the fashion fruits this is a street fashion has become very popular from Harajuku this was also then followed by the success of the book which was written by Shoicki Aoki (it’s such a awesome book I have it !!)

20111027-014431 PM.jpg

20111027-014436 PM.jpg

20111027-014441 PM.jpg

20111027-014446 PM.jpg

20111027-014451 PM.jpg

20111027-014456 PM.jpg

20111027-014501 PM.jpg


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