Dolly kei

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Dolly kei has been described as having a medieval kelt and Russian look about it , dolly kei it is one of the Japans newest fashions unlike classic Lolita which has been around for years . The best thing about this look is that it can work for any body shape whereas some other fashions such as Lolita don’t always flatter every figure .

Dolly kei gets its inspiration from story tales such as; red riding hood. The main way to get the style right is to have lots if vintage accessories , so that you look like a doll with petit jewellery and unique accessories .

Brothers grim has a huge influence on the dolly kei fashion ; so what is it well briefly they wrote fairy tales which had been collected from lots of different folk tales which had been passed down for years. They were said to have collected the tales from peasant (very poor people) however some believe that they actually got them from middle class or Aristocratic’s who were re talking the stories they had heard from there servants .

Finally in 1812 the brothers published there first book on all the tales called kinder-und Hausmarchen which means children and household tales in English.

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