Kei means style , one of the most popular fashions in the kei subculture is visual kei which means visual style. This particular sub culture is difficult to do an introduction as there doesn’t seem to be any common factor between the different groups of Kei unlike in Lolita. From what I can see Kei is any visual way a person decides to express themselves. From what I can see the Japanese girls seem to see each type of kei as a different fashion unlike Lolita where they are all the same fashion but have different takes on it for example ; Classic and Gothic all have the same foundations with added accessories and colors to make them unique.

Kei is a visual way of expressing yourself and is seen mainly amongst the musicians in Japan , it is made by having very over dramatic hair and make up .Kei is thought to have related to a certain type of rock music although it is not sure which type. Visual kei started in the 1980’s and was influences by bands such as X-Japan , the label visual kei was created by one of slogans made by X-Japan “Psychedelic violence crime of visual shock” it was only in the 1990’s when visual kei started to become popular within the communities in Japan , this was mainly down to the success of the band X-Japan , as they became more well known so did the fashion amongst Japan.


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