Fairy Kei

Fairy Kei is a new fashion and is seen lots in Japan by girls of all ages and is so easy to create , have a look at these pics , and then below i’ll tell you how to create it .

Fairy Kei is a adaptation of the original fashion Kei , Fairy Kei is very cute and uses colors such as light pink , light blue ,white and any other colors which you associate with fairy’s and things which are cute. It kind of reminds me of candy floss the colors are so light and happy (if its possible for colors to be happy :/)

So how do you do this look well ; The looks mainly uses pastel colours so look for light blues , light pinks and white , a bit like Sweet lolita , then again like any lolita fashion get a puffy skirt ,one that comes out and makes you take up the whole walkway (after all you deserve your own runway everyday is a catwalk ) then add some sort of 80’s twist this can be up to you which kind of twist you add either a scrunchies , shoes or a headband . Then add some leggings these should be easy to find 😉 Were talking white , or pink something light . Now time for styling the hair , anything which is cute and child like , such as a bow , or piggy tails.

Then last of all get your tunes on !! A bit of Cindy Lauper, Madonna or Blondie!!! 🙂


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