Classic lolitia

The next category as you can see is classic Lolita this is a more mature look and is worn by many people in Japan. The look goes right back to the victorian era from which the fashion first originated it is not meant to stand out or look shocking unlike gothic Lolita . The thing which I most like about classic Lolita is how elegant the clothes can look but they also have a unique twist to them which means there are like nothing you have seen before 🙂 the look also reminds me of one of my favourite films ; ‘interview with a vampire’ staring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise ladies !!! The look is beautiful and one my self would defiantly follow !! So how do you do the look ?? Well,

Start off with a simple colour such as dark green or purple add a bit of black for example a dark green dress with black shoes and tights keep the make up Minimal its not meant to stand out unlike gothic Lolita, then make sure you add something cute such as a pair of little black dolly shoes with a heel. This looks needs dresses and so when choosing a dress make sure it has ruffles and a bit of design to it 🙂

20110926-051741 PM.jpg

20110926-051736 PM.jpg

20110926-051745 PM.jpg

20110926-051749 PM.jpg


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