Punk Lolita

Heyy guys so the next category in Japanese fashion which I’ll be blogging about is punk Lolita this obviously is highly influenced by the punk look which is in Japan. Punk Lolita’s main accessories is tattered fabrics ,chains safety pins and also screen printed fabrics. Blouses , and skirts are the most popular items of clothing. As for the shoes the most common shoes are called Mary Janes which are shoes with a very thick sole which makes the shoes stand out from the items of clothing. Many of the Japanese punk Lolita followers take there fashion from Camden town markets in London where punk is also a very popular look , you’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever been to london !!!

As well as being popular in London Vivienne Westwood also has items which reflect this look in her collections , although she is not a Lolita follower ! of course we knew she’d love Japanese fashion as she is so the best fashion inspiration ever !!! personally I think punk Lolita looks a bit like an American look with the tartar skirts and the shirts which they wear it also reminds me of some sort of uniform which may been have been worn in American schools .








Punk Lolita is so cool it combines the classic look of Lolita which is worn by so many japanese people as well as punk style.I mainly like that it is different from the usual Lolita style as they usually have the same style clothing but different colour schemes and patterns 🙂 not one of my favourite but defiantly like it !!


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