Sweet lolitia

This is the second sub fashion in Japanese fashion which I shall be writing about . I love sweet Lolita the clothes are really beautiful and girlie. It is inspired by child like clothes and accessories such as Hello Kitty , the main featuring colours are White and pink to make the outfits look really girlie and beautiful.20110912-052302.jpg


Sweet Lolita is mainly clothes influenced by Rococo developed in the late 18th century and is a decretive mainly floral art this can be seen on vases , wall pictures or anything else in Japan . They also have similar styles to Victorian and Edwardian eras. The clothe style of sweet Lolita is like any lolitia look however when adapting it to the sweet lolitia look the colours are very light were talking baby pinks and Whites the look is regarded as being almost childlike with the themes which they have I shall explain more about this .

The make up and the whole style is very different to gothic lolitia which was the last post in a huge number if ways where as gothic lolitia was very dark sweet lolitia’s main colours are pinks , peaches and pearls the appearance of the sweet lolitia’s is also a lot less theatrical looking than gothic lolitia is .

Within the outfits worn by the followers of sweet lolita can be a number of different themes such as ; cherries , strawberries , flowers , lace , bows , animals or ribbons these designs are very accurate and small to make the look appear even cuter !!! The sweet lolitia’s want to be seen as being cute and innocent and this is one of the ways in which they portray this .

One of the most popular themes with the sweet lolitia fashion is Alice in Wonderland and other classic fairy tales ( I’m sure they love the Tim Burton adaptation of Alice in wonderland who doesn’t ?! Though this could be seen as more gothic lolitia)

Items of clothing

These include head dresses , bonnets , bows and princess style purses and bags . Princess style purses and bags are very popular amongst the sweet lolitia communities . Some of the designs which the Japanese girls sporting the sweet lolitia fashion
May collect are ; Angelic pretty , The stars shining , bright and also MILK.

How to do it

Sweet lolitia is easy to customise yourself find a few pastel colours you like e.g. Baby pink and peach decide which is your main colour most limited use white but you can choose any ! Then choose a second colour begin with some White knee high socks (the type you’d wear to primary school with the little holes which make a design) some cute dolly shoes preferably a different colour so that they stand out to the socks . A ruffled skirt again most common colour is pink or White a ruffled blouse (h&m have some great ones ) some sort of head accessory e.g a bow or a head band these are the most common and if you really want to follow sweet lolitia to the mark add a old fashioned pastel colour sunshade .


So In my opinion I’m not sure this is one of my favourite sub cultures of the Japanese fashion I do like it don’t get me wrong , but I think I’m more inclined to wear gothic lolita just because I find it more interesting and I personally quite like dark and mysterious clothes. Although what I do really like about this sub culture is the cute pieces which you can add to it and doing the make up for this look must be so much fun !!! I think id go a little glitter crazy if I was a sweet Lolita follower 🙂






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