What is it ?

Lolitia (Lolitia has been regarded as being related to sex , however this Lolitia is the complete opposite and followers want to be seen as cute and elegant rather than sexy) is one of the sub culture fashions which exist in Japan , the fashion is based on the Victorian Era, people sporting this fashion can be seen in knee length cupcake skirts (skirts which come out a lot) knee length boots, stocking and head dresses. Classic Lolitia mainly consists of quite dark color such as Dark green as it is following the fashion which was around in the Victoria era , these colours were most common. This fashion first became popular in the 1990’s when bands such as Princess , Princess which is a Japanese rock bands starting sporting this fashion.

Where does it come from ?

Although no one actually knows where the fashion began , it has been dated back to the 1970’s it is now followed all over the world including Kansai region ,and mainly Toyko where it is most popular amongst the young girls. Lolitia was also influenced by the fashion called Kei , mostly by a fashion called Visual Kei which is more feminine and is like visual art.

Fashion explained

The appearance is beautiful and looks so unique and as i sit here it almost hypnotizes me as I have never seen fashion like this so I’ll try and explain the image I’m looking at ;

A round pattern dark green hat which ish places slanted on the ladies head , with her ginger curly hair tumbling down , a victorian looking dress which is high up to the neck with a round neckline and lacing around it the top chest bit had ruffles and cream buttons the rest of the dress is straight down with ruffled sleeves and laced gloves and tights with little black shoes. have a look at the image !!

It appears that the Japanese see dressing as more than just what shall I wear today and is more like a dress up game , I love it , mainly because I love how you can see they have taken time and effort to look there best . There are lots of different types of this fashion such as sweet which is mainly white and pinks , gothic which is mainly blacks and also punk.



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